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Hanne Nielsen Kjærsgaard | My paintings
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Recent show:


Group show at:
KBH Gallery. Six artists gave their version of the human and its acts for better and worse – both in relation to who we are, what we create and what we tell ourself and each other.
My take on the subject is based on a Greenlandic myth about Sassuma Anaa (Mother of the Sea) and from there I continue to elaborate on monoculture and its consequences.
Kitt Buch had curated the exhibition and kindly invited Anna Seeberg Braun, Sebastian Jacobsen, Heiko Müller, Eva mm Engelhardt, Hanne Nielsen Kjærsgaard.

Painting: Sassuma Arnaa’s revenge, oil and acrylic on canvas and wood, 240 x 160 cm


Recent show:
“Absurd natur”


Group show at:
Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum. The exhibitors were Visul_LAB + three guest exhibitors, Mette Rishøj, Tine Helleshøj, Pabi Chulo, Krestine Harboe, Lene Whinter, Karoline Krabbe + Heiko Müller, Nina Ekman og Hanne Nielsen Kjærsgaard.
14 January – 25 February 2023


Photo: Painting left – “Reshaped”, acrylic and oil on 8 canvases, wood frame and LED light. Painting right – “All that’s left – H2SO4”, acrylic and oil on canvas