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Hanne Nielsen Kjærsgaard | My paintings
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Upcoming show:

Six artists give their version of the human and its acts for better and worse – both in relation to who we are, what we create and what we tell ourself and each other.
My take on the subject is based on a Greenlandic myth about Sassuma Anaa (Mother of the Sea) and from there I continue to elaborate on monoculture and its consequences.


Painting: All that’s left – leaves thin as dust, acrylic and oil on paper and wood, 50 x 70 cm

Kitt Buch who has curated the exhibition and kindly invited Anna Seeberg Braun, Sebastian Jacobsen, Heiko Müller, Eva mm Engelhardt, Hanne Nielsen Kjærsgaard


29 September – 27 October
Private view 29 September 17-19
Further information please see Poster


Galleri KBH Kunst
Østersøgade 3
1357 København K

Recent show:
“Absurd natur”


Group show at:
Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum. The exhibitors were Visul_LAB + three guest exhibitors, Mette Rishøj, Tine Helleshøj, Pabi Chulo, Krestine Harboe, Lene Whinter, Karoline Krabbe + Heiko Müller, Nina Ekman og Hanne Nielsen Kjærsgaard.
14 January – 25 February 2023


Photo: Painting left – “Reshaped”, acrylic and oil on 8 canvases, wood frame and LED light. Painting right – “All that’s left – H2SO4”, acrylic and oil on canvas