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Hanne Nielsen Kjærsgaard | My paintings
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Pierre Bonnard (French painter 1867-1947) once said: “A painting consists of numerous little lies, which together creates one big truth”. My paintings consist of many little truths which creates one big illusion.


As a narrative painter I like the dynamics between opposing notions as e.g. light/darkness, hate/love, wrong/right and try to balance my motives between the poetic and dystopian. The paintings are based in what I see and what I experience, and I assemble fragments of these observations into an illusion or into my own interpretation of what I have seen. I use the relationship between light and darkness to create confusion, doubt and densified atmosphere. My aim is to be an antidote to the rational and the one-sided truth, to stimulate the viewer’s imagination and question peoples (including my own) need to take sides or decide which is the right interpretation.

A successful painting for me is, when people disagree on the positive or negative spirit of the image.


I am very often inspired by landscapes, with some sort of light source as the main idea. It could be the sun or the moon but also reflections, light sources of different origin or light illuminating environments other than nature; cityscapes, interiors or light cast on figures.


Inspired by cinematic drama lighting and the digital world’s ability to reproduce clear, vibrant colours, I work with many layers of translucent paint to optimise the light in the painted surfaces.

The interaction between light and darkness can – I think – create the ambiguous atmosphere needed to balance two poles.

Recent show:
“Fragments of Space and Time” group show, Thyholm, DK – 2019



17 artists who all is or was a part of the Art School Spektrum



Mississippi Art and Culture Center, Thyholm, Denmark

Recent Show:

“Bridge” group show Hong Kong – 2019


18 artists from 11 different countries


PMQ, S503 S505 Staounton,Hong Kong